Ways To Volunteer

Event Volunteers  

First, read the Volunteer Guidelines:

These guidelines are here to make the events run more smoothly and to keep you and the dogs safe.

Pay attention to what you are doing, therefore, no phones inside the pens (if you need pictures for a project, ask permission so we can help you and then put phone away immediately)

  1. Dress appropriately. The way you dress will reflect on the organization.

    1. Shirts must be an appropriate length and have sleeves (short or long, no spaghetti straps or crop tops)

    2. All pants or shorts must be an appropriate length (no short shorts)

    3. Wear only closed toe shoes

  2. Be respectful to everyone around you

  3. No fooling around as it can stress out the dogs and once again, will reflect on the organization

  4. Listen to the senior volunteers and the head people of Orphan Dog. If you are asked to not do something, respectfully stop doing it.

  5. Be safe- if you are not comfortable doing something let us know!

  6. If you are under 13, you need to bring an adult to volunteer with you.   

Step 2: SIGN UP for an Event

Volunteer Sign Up Form


Step 3: Complete Waiver Form(s)

ADULT Volunteer Release Waiver Form for Adoption Events

MINOR Volunteer Release Waiver Form for Adoption Events

Please bring your PRINTED & SIGNED 
waiver form to your first event.

Minors need the signature of their
Parent(s) or Guardian(s).

Step 4: Contact Us if you have questions

Volunteer Coordinator   
email:  Volunteer Coordinator 

email:  Assistant Volunteer Coordinator


 Foster Home Volunteers  

To volunteer as a Foster Home, please complete this foster home application  and  a volunteer will contact you soon!