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October 2010 Walk with Dogs


Bringing home a new group of dogs, Or LCAS's shopping trip to Animal Control.....We went to Animal Control on Memorial Day to get some new dogs.


Our van could use some more crate room, but they were all comfortable and cool. Some of these dogs we already had, but they were along for the ride and to get moved from foster to foster.


The puppies were pretty darn slimy after the ride.




The older pups had a blast from the minute their feet hit grass till they crashed at bedtime. Tina is the black and white pointer mix and Dino is the cattle dogs mix. Gina is the 4 year old Jack Russell terrier. She did great too. What a happy trooper.




The poor little pups had less fun at first....



It was a hot muggy day, so I didn't feel too guilty about the cold water. This is just a quicky bath to get some of the stink and chunks out. Generally it takes two or three good baths to make them smell good.



In spite of the fact that the pups were fed constantly at animal control they are still vociferously eating everything. They were starving when they were brought in to AC and have huge wormy bellies.



I skipped a few videos because this is taking far too long but now the pups are less stinky, have no chunks sticking to their fur, had a dhlpp and bordetella on- board, have had their first dose of worm meds, have their ears cleaned, and of course, ate some more.



OLDER VIDEOS  Our walk to the water wheel- it's a long one- beware with a slow connection