If you have lost your pet in Lake County:

First, post on the County Website

Second: post on the local Lake County Facebook Lost Pet page- http://www.facebook.com/groups/lostpetlake/

And here: http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/petshavehearts2/

Third: Put up fliers that people can SEE, keep it simple. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A GOOD PICTURE OF YOUR PET BEFORE HE OR SHE GOES MISSING!!

Fourth: try this site: http://thecenterforlostpets.com/index.aspx It is new, but you never know.

Fifth: Go to Animal Control and LOOK as soon as possible. Your description of your pet may not match someone else's idea of what they think they hear you describing. The staff at AC is busy and they may not recognize your pet. You need to go. And if you really care, you will go every day. I can not tell you how many people know their pet is at AC and do not go pick up the pet until over two weeks is past. Then, they are suprised their pet is no longer there. AC will hold the pet for over four working days for you to come find her. Then, they hold it in adoptables for another three days to see if they can adopt it. After that, your pet may be transferred to another facility, adopted, or picked up by a rescue group. Or euthanized. People who do not come and pick up their missing pets are condeming other animals to death when the facility gets too full. The people of our community are fully responsible for each and every animal that is killed at Lake County Animal Care & Control.

AND Lake County Animal Care and Control now has a facebook page that you can post your lost pet on: http://www.facebook.com/#!/L.C.AnimalControl

You can register your microchipped pet for free here:  www.FreePetChipRegistry.com . We can microchip your pet for 10.00, whcih will include the registration on the 24PetWatch Site. Call for more info: 707-349-2624