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Gizmo is a 1.5 year old little man. He's lived enough life to appreciate a good woman. He's looking for a lady that enjoys having her man by her side, loves kisses and hugs, and wants her man in her bed at night. Gizmo is intelligent, kind, thoughtful, gentle, and has a great sense of humor. His la...read more about Gizmo
  Puck Puck (Duck)
Puck Puck had a question on the walk yesterday. He looked up with his soulful eyes and asked, "Where is my family?". Well, you know that question just knocks the air out of a person. How do you answer that? How do you tell this sweet and loving (and a bit mischievous} little one that you d...read more about Puck Puck (Duck)
I'd really like a home where I can "earn my keep" by keeping all the cats out of the yard and taking care of home security. I really don't like other dogs, they are pretty annoying and those kids just don't listen to me, so if I could be the only dog, that would be great. I am currently living at t...read more about Jake
These little ones had DNA of Parson's Russell Terrier/Daschund/Border Collie/5% Great Dane They are smart, active and very sweet.
Baylee is people puppy she loves being with her foster mom, always following her around the house. She is house trained and will stay glued to your side on your walks. She gets along with other dogs, however doesn't seem to show much interest in playing with them.  She is available now
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February 2012 -- Monday February 6th, 2012
Santa Photos -- Wednesday December 7th, 2011
Santa Pictures -- Tuesday November 29th, 2011
Henna's Heart -- Tuesday August 30th, 2011
Bay Area Pet Expo -- Wednesday February 16th, 2011